OkCupid is one of the most well known and established dating sites. The site offers free and paid services.

I’ve had several chat sessions on OK Cupid but given the long time I’m registered it’s almost nothing. My guess is one have to be proactive, which I’m not. The great thing about the site is that it is generally free and includes users from all around the world. That may be as useful as overwhelming to some. I personally find it fascinating.

The main idea behind OKCupid is that if you answer sincerely enough questions, you’ll get a match which has similar interests as you. The user profiles are usually well written and people take their time to write long description so, better read all the text before bothering someone. The founders of the site are mathematicians and they utilize some kind of matching analysis to pair people. I cannot say that it works well for me though.

The site supports albums with multiple images so you can show your best angles.

Ok Cupid Premium

Paying gives you:

  • Advanced match search options
  • Browse profiles invisibly
  • See who likes you
  • Message filters
  • No ads
  • Username change
  • Store up to 5,000 messages



  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Huge userbase
  • Chat + offline messages
  • Good search functions
  • People nearby
  • Mobile application
  • Actively developed


  • Banners