Oasis.com is actually a part of the so called Oasis Dating Network, which at the time, I’m writing this includes:

  • Oasis.com - Global
  • Oasis UK - United Kingdom
  • Oasis Dating - Global
  • Oasis Active - Australia
  • Amor en Linea - Spanish
  • Tata Date - Chinese
  • Deai Oasis - Japanese

The charm of the network lies in the fact that although these are different sites, the userbase is shared between them. Currently the network claims that it has 16,390,780 registered users, a fact that I personally doubt.


Site’s design is simple and functional. There are several big banners showing on the page but given their monetization scheme, that’s not a bad thing.



Chat is the major feature on the site. To e able to chat with someone, you have to like them and vice versa. Once the mutual sympathy is established, the user appears in your contact list and you can contact send them messages no matter of their online status.

Search and filter users

You can search/filter users by all profile criteria and have your search saved as a preset for later reuse.

Like users

To be able to interact with the users you have to Like them. You can also Maybe a user, which puts it in another list for later consideration.


The sites gives you frequent notifications when you have a new message, any of your contacts appears online, when someone looks at your profile or when it decides that a profile matches your criteria.

Customize profile

You can change the profile background from a set of custom backgrounds, which look pretty good. At the bottom of each profile there is a notification, on which site of the network is the user registered.

Shout out

Shout out is a paid (with free option) feature, allowing you to broadcast canned message to all profiles. Pretty useful if you want to get noticed quickly.

Free account

You can do almost everything with free account on the website. The only thing that requires payment is the Shot Out but it has a one time free option too, if you like their Facebook page.

Rules of thumb

Haven’t stumbled upon scammers here, but one never knows. General rule of thumb is be respectful and communicative. Chat is the basic feature of the site so try to have good dialog.



  • Simple and functional design
  • As free as it can get
  • Huge userbase
  • Not many features


  • Banners
  • Not many features
  • No user support